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Nephalem-Prüfungen kehren unter dem Namen Cursed Chests zurück

Diablo 3 RoS cursed chestMit der Ankündigung der Diablo 3 Erweiterung Reaper of Souls auf der Gamescom 2013 stellte Blizzard u. A. auch neue Endgame Features, wie z.B. die Nephalem-Prüfungen, vor. Laut Community Manager Nevalistis wird dieses Feature nun als Event unter dem Namen “Verfluchten Truhen” (eng. Cursed Chests) in der ganzen Welt von Sanktuario erscheinen.

Bei den “Verfluchten Truhen“ handelt es sich um Events, bei denen ihr Wellen von Monstern, die regelmäßig erscheinen und in einer gewissen Zeit besiegt werden müssen, begegnet. Die Wellen werden mit der Zeit immer stärker und schwieriger. Die anschließende Belohnung wird sich danach richten, wie erfolgreich ihr diese Events meistert.

Bereits im kommenden RoS F&F/Closed Beta und 2.0.1 Open Beta Patch soll euch dieses Feature zur Verfügung stehen.

Blizzard PosterNevalistis on Im confused (Source)

Why ask for endgame feedback now when you acknowledge that your only subtracting from the beta?

We’re asking for endgame feedback for a number of reasons — most notably because it’s one of the features we’ve received the most community inquiry about (and something we know is important to good chunk of our players). While we may not be able to implement some of the more grandiose ideas we’ve seen shared on fan sites and these forums during the course of our beta, we still want to know how you feel our current systems and features can be improved. And we’re still interested in exploring options for the future! Development doesn’t stop at launch with any Blizzard game, and Reaper of Souls will be no exception.

Similarly, while a big focus of the any Blizzard beta is polish and refinement, that doesn’t mean the only thing we intend to do during beta is remove content. As an example, we’ve taken the bulk of content that was once Nephalem Trials and converted them into a new style of event called Cursed Chests. These events should be available in the next phase of testing and on the PTR, and we’ll be able to share a bit more about them as that draws nearer.

Based on your’e track record with D3 why should I have faith my concerns will be addressed?

That’s for you to decide. What I can do is provide as much information as possible and as it becomes available, so that you can make an informed choice and provide us your feedback. Contrary to what’s been presented in this thread, we are listening, and we’re super eager to hear what you have to say. In particular, we are ever grateful to those who have taken the time to productively and constructively present their concerns or ideas, and we encourage you to continue doing so. I promise it’s not going into the void!

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