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Mit Diablo 3 RoS wird der Mut der Nephalem Buff abgeschafft

Diablo 3 ros mut der nephalem buff abgeschafftMomentan erhaltet ihr ab Level 60 pro besiegtem Championpack oder Elitegegner, für das Öffnen von prächtigen Truhen sowie für das Abschließen von Events einen Stack Mut der Nephalem. Ein 5er Stack dieses Buffs gewährt euch zurzeit einen zusätzlichen Gold- und Magiefundbonus von 75%. Wyatt Cheng hat im Rahmen der Blizzcon in einem Interview bestätigt, dass dieser Buff mit RoS abgeschafft wird.

Durch die neuen Features Kopfgelder und Nephalemportale, die mit RoS erscheinen, werden Runs von kürzerer Dauer nicht mehr lohnenswert sein. Derzeit verliert man den Mut der Nephalem Buff durch das Austauschen eines Skills. Mit RoS wird das ständige Wechseln von Skills durch eine interne Abklingzeit verhindert. Ihr könnt während diese Abklingzeit die Fertigkeiten nutzen, aber keine neuen Fertigkeitsänderungen vornehmen. Ebenso könnt ihr keine Fertigkeitsänderungen vornehmen solange ihr euch im Kampf befindet sowie bis zu 15 Sekunden nach Ende des Kampfes.

Blizzard Poster Wyatt Cheng on Nephalem Valor (Source)

I answered a question at Blizzcon about Nephalem Valor being removed, but that was a group decision. In fact, I was against it  There are strong arguments on both sides but ultimately we removed NV with me kicking and screaming. Fortunately for us we’re in development mode right now so we can do iteration on game systems like this. The team is hard at work figuring out how to improve this game we all love.

Hrm, without going into too many details:

  • I don’t like the idea that swapping skills mid-fight could become a thing. Right now we disallow skill swapping in combat, we’ll have to see how this plays out.
  • I remember early DIII days when repeatedly farming a chest, treasure goblin, vase, predictable elite spawn etc. by constantly creating games was very efficient. I think it’s bad for both the game experience and our server engineers if this style becomes more profitable than Bounties, Rifts, etc. This is hopefully addressed by making the reward of these other systems higher. On the flip side if you over-reward you start to bump against a different problem that the game feels more “grindy” when I’m more focused on objective-completion rewards rather than the chance of getting a sweet drop just around the corner.

The 3rd topic: Nephalem Valor. The current thinking that they are having is that Nephalem Valor is going to go away. They don’t see the benefits that it brought to the game to be relevant anymore. The largest reason they put it in, according to Wyatt, was to prevent people from doing 30 second runs as being the most efficient way to play the game. Now, with the addition of Bounties tied into Adventure Mode, 30 second runs won’t exist and simply won’t be efficient. He also said that they don’t like the idea of people having to do a 15-20 minute “warm up session” before they can really start playing the game. Skill changing has been changed a little bit as well. Changing skills no longer incurs a cooldown on that skill, but you still cannot change skills while they are on cooldown. You cannot change skills while considered to be “in combat” and for about 15 seconds after combat ends.

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