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Diablo 3 RoS Set- und legendäre Gegenstände sind accountgebunden

Diablo 3 RoS accountgebundene legendaere gegenstaendeWie wir bereits an Hand von Bildern auf der Gamescom sehen konnten, wird es mit Reaper of Souls nur accountgebundene legendäre Gegenstände geben.  Ihr könnt sie wie bisher weiter zwischen den Charakteren eures Accounts austauschen. Das Lootsystem wird ähnlich wie in World of Warcraft funktionieren.

Im Mehrspielermodus habt ihr für 2 Stunden die Möglichkeit, mit einem gefundenen Setgegenstand sowie mit legendären Gegenständen zu handeln. Allerdings ist dies nur mit Spielern möglich, die bei deren Drop anwesend waren. Somit wird es nicht möglich sein, dass Set- oder legendäre Gegenstände gegen Echtgeld auf diversen Plattformen gehandelt werden.

Um eine Legendary-Vorlage für das Transmogrifizieren zu erhalten, muss ein Legendary identifiziert werden. Durch das Handeln mit einem identifizierten Set- oder legendären Gegenstand erhaltet ihr keine solche Vorlage.

Im folgenden Interview bestätigt Travis Day, dass es mit RoS accountgebundene legendäre Gegenstände geben wird.

Blizzard PosterLylirra on Transmogrification on traded legendary items (Source)

the account-binding has been recently removed from transmogrified items, so what is going to happen to a transmogrified item that is traded, considering every account have to unlock their own item appearances when it comes to legendary items? Or maybe all legendary will be account-bound/soulbound, so we won’t be able to trade them anyway?

Hm. Your question is kind of moot for a few reasons (i.e. I don’t think it’s really something to worry about much):

1) Under current design, all new Legendary and Set items that drop in Reaper of Souls and once our pre-expansion patch goes live will be Bind on Account. (You can still trade these items with other players who were in your party when the item dropped for up to two hours, however.)

2) To unlock a transmogrification appearance for a Legendary or Set item, you have to ID the item first.

3) You can’t currently transmogrify an unidentified item.

So, let’s say a Legendary item drops, you identify it, unlock the item appearance for your account, then decide to transmogrify the appearance of that Legendary item to something else. Even if you then traded that item to another eligible person in your party, it wouldn’t really matter because the item is already identified. Simply having the Legendary in your possession isn’t enough to unlock its appearance; you have to actually ID it.

Hope that helps!

Got a new question. Will party size still be 4? Cuz I have more than 4 people on my friendlist; they can’t all be in the party with me.

We’ve no changes planned for increasing party size (which means right now it’s staying at 4).

Oh! And I just wanted to clarify that, as of current design, you’ll be able to freely trade items that are transmogrified, provided that they’re not already bound to your account. You’ll just want to keep an eye out for the little purple, swirly symbol on the tooltip whenever trading with another player, as this will indicate that the item has been transmogrified.

[Note that, at present, an item will retain its applied appearance even after traded. You can then choose to keep the applied appearance (even if you haven’t personally unlocked it yourself), or visit the Mystic and pay the gold cost to have it removed. Once the appearance is removed or replaced, however, if you haven’t unlocked it for your account, you will no longer have access to it.)

Lylirra can you please pass on the feedback regarding BoA items that, while I like the idea, I think there needs to be a caveat to keep us able to still share items with our friends/guildmates. I can’t count the number of times I’ve given my wife a good item and it’s great to be able to do that for her since I play more than her.

That’s certainly feedback we’re already collecting and passing on. 🙂

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