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Diablo 3 RoS Kopfgelder und Nephalemportale

Diablo 3 Ros Kopfgelder und NephalemportaleCommunity Manager Grimiku und Lylirra haben weitere Details zu Kopfgeldern, Nephalemportalen und dem Abenteuermodus bekannt gegeben:

  • Mit jedem neu erstellten Spiel im Abenteuermodus erhaltet ihr 25 zufällige Kopfgelder, 5 in jedem Akt.
  • Durch das Abschließen aller 5 Kopfgelder eines Aktes bekommt ihr einen Portalschlüsselstein für ein Nephalemportal.
  • Portalschlüsselsteine können ebenfalls von Monstern fallen gelassen werden.
  • Ihr erhaltet Belohnungen für das Abschließen einzelner Kopfgelder, für das Abschließen aller Kopfgelder in einem Akt und besondere Belohnungen für das Abschließen aller 25 Kopfgelder in einem Spiel. Es besteht sogar die Möglichkeit einen legendären Gegenstand zu erhalten.
  • Schließt ihr eine Kopfgeld-Aufgabe erfolgreich ab, ist sie in diesem Spiel nicht mehr verfügbar.
  • Kopfgeld-Fortschritte werden nicht von einem Spiel in das nächste übertragen.
  • Sterbt ihr in einem Nephalemportal, dann könnt ihr -wie in jedem aktuellen Dungeon auch- dorthin zurückkehren. Der Tod eines Hardcore-Charackters ist natürlich permanent.

Blizzard PosterLylirra on No Loot Runs, No challenges? (Source)

Correct! Basic rundown is (as of current design, at least):

  • You create a new game in Adventure Mode.
  • You’ll get 25 random bounties, 5 in each Act.
  • Once you complete a bounty, it’s no longer available for that game.
  • You’ll get rewards for completing individual bounties, rewards for completing a set of bounties within a single Act, and rewards for completing all 25 bounties in a single game.
  • Whenever you create a new game, you’ll get a completely new, randomized set of 25 bounties.
  • Bounty progress will not translate from game to game.

Still lots of tuning going on for this at the moment, so it’s possible that some of the details may change before it ships, especially how and when rewards are distributed.

And, as far as I understand, I thought you received a rift keystone for each completed bounty. It could be that you need to complete all 5 in an act to receive a rift keystone, but this is not anything I’ve heard or read so far. There are also no other ways to receive the keystones at the moment, as far as I know.

Currently (and this is still changing on a daily basis), you’ll receive a Rift Keystone for completing a set of bounties within a given Act. They’ll also have the opportunity to randomly drop from monsters within the world while in Adventure Mode.

Like I noted above, how and when we drop Keystones will ultimately depend on how rewarding Nephalem Rifts end up being. If Nephalem Rifts end up being super-duper rewarding and lucrative, then we may not hand out Keystones all that frequently. Conversely, if Nephalem Rifts aren’t super-duper rewarding and lucrative (and instead fall somewhere in the middle, where they’re still satisfying but not overly giving), they we may hand out Keystones at a much more frequent clip. Overall difficulty is also a factor. Our tuning at the moment is focused on finding the right balance between the three.

So, on that note, what would you guys prefer?

– Would you like Nephalem Rifts to be really, really rewarding, but in return not be able to run them as frequently?

– Or would you like Nephalem Rifts to be slightly less rewarding (i.e. not „super duper,“ though still satisfying), but in return you get the opportunity to run them more often?

Obviously, when it comes to tuning Nephalem Rifts, it’s not going to be a completely binary situation like this particular question; HOWEVER, knowing what you find more important out of the two will definitely help inform said tuning in a meaningful way.

Blizzard PosterGrimiku on Nephalem Rifts question. (Source)

quick question

so if you die, can you still go back to finish it off? or thats it and the portal close?

Everything is subject to change, but currently Nephalem Rifts work just like every other dungeon as far as death is concerned. You can just run back to where you met your demise unless you’re playing Hardcore.

I don’t have any announcements to make about challenges, but I wanted to clarify a little bit about Bounties. Adventure Mode will offer a number of Bounties in every Act. These Bounties will be random, and require you to kill a particular monster, clear a dungeon, kill a boss, or finish an event to complete. They also offer a chance to be rewarded with a Legendary item.

The idea of teleporting or entering a completely randomized dungeon from monster types, number of bosses, environment, tile sets and lighting\effects was an amazing idea.

The dungeon experience you’re describing is still in Reaper of Souls, but they’re now called Nephalem Rifts. Currently, you enter a Nephalem Rift from any town while playing in Adventure Mode, but you’ll need a Rift Keystone to do it. You can get the Rift Keystones from completing Bounties, or as a random drop. Also, check out all of the details in our Adventure Mode blog if you’d like.

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  1. “ and rewards for completing all 25 bounties in a single game.“

    Wie genau sehen diese aus…habe grade alle 25 bounties in einem game gemacht und nichts extra bekommen…

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