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Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.7 Testrealm (PTR) und Entwicklerblog bestätigt

Patch 1.0.7 PTRNachdem Blizzard bereits vor einigen Tagen die Verschiebung des Team-Deathmatch und die zukünftige Duellfunktion bekannt gegeben hatte, gibt es nun weitere Informationen zu Patch 1.0.7.

Blizzard-Mitarbeiter „Vaneras“ bestätigte nun den Testserver (PTR) für den bevorstehenden Patch offiziell. So erhalten wir die Möglichkeit die Neuerungen von Patch 1.0.7 bereits vor dessen Release zu testen, wodurch sich jedoch der Live-Patch um weitere Wochen verzögern.

Blizzard PosterVaneras on Diablo 1.07 patch notes in a few days (Source)

PTRs are planned indeed 🙂

But to answer your question: Yes, the purpose of PTRs is for player-testing, and we will indeed use them for that purpose. (Keep in mind though, developers will not put content up for testing if they do not feel said content lives up to their design goals.)

There have been quite a few requests (demands even) recently for more player-testing of content before we release it, and we would like to accommodate that whenever it makes sense to do so. A downside when player-testing is involved is that more time is required before content can be released, but we are of course trying to find a good balance on that so that the wait for new content is not unreasonably long.

I am unfortunately not yet able to provide any specifics on the content that will be tested, but it does look to be a sizeable patch 🙂

Also, the Diablo III PvP Update blog mentions that dueling is currently scheduled to release with patch 1.0.7, so hopefully (if all goes well) you guys should be able to get some testing done on that.                

The PTR patch notes are still being compiled, which is why I cannot offer you any specifics yet, but it should not be long until you will get all the information about the contents of the patch 🙂

Not sure it will be today, I just can’t promise that. I really would give you guys an exact time and date if I could, but that is it is still possible as there may be some last minute changes… this is why I feel so compelled to make variants of the word „soon“ 🙂

Community Manager Vaeflare berichtet, dass genauere Details zu Patch 1.07 in einem Entwicklerblog veröffentlicht werden, wie damals bei Patch 1.0.3.

Blizzard Poster Vaeflare on PVP (Source)

We don’t have a release date to share at the moment concerning patch 1.0.7, but it’s being worked on as we speak. In terms of the details surrounding dueling, we’re working on a preview of the system and the patch as a whole (the format is pretty similar to this, actually, including being written by a dev) that should address the bulk of your questions. We’d rather share the information with you once the patch preview is ready, though, rather than dole out bits and pieces.

Sobald wir neue Informationen zu Patch 1.0.7 für euch haben werden wir diese selbstverständlich hier auf der Webseite veröffentlichen.

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