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Diablo 3 /nopickup Funktion

Diablo 3 nopickupIn Diablo 2 können Spieler durch die Eingabe von „/nopickup“ von zwei positiven Aspekten profitieren. Diese Funktion verhindert das versehentliche Aufheben ungewollter Gegenstände und die damit verbundene Unterbrechung während eines Kampfes.

Die Einführung dieser Funktion für Diablo 3 wurde von Community Manager Vaeflare aber im offiziellen Forum verneint. Jedoch deutete er an, dass mit der zukünftigen Gegenstandsoptimierung eine solche Option überflüssig sein wird.

Blizzard Poster Vaeflare on Lack of /nopickup is a critical mechanic flaw (Source)

I’ve been asking around over at Diablofans about this issue, and it appears I’m not the only one whom takes issue with this.

In Diablo 2, we had an option known as the /nopickup. It’s the first thing most players did when they started a game. The idea is that you must hold down the ALT key in order to click on loot.

Without this mechanic, we’re having 2 serious issues.

1) The most serious issue. Accidental clicking on junk loot is causing an interruption in the ebb and flow of combat. So serious that it can actually cause death in the more intense situations. You try to click on a monster and end up clicking on a Low Quality Sacred Shield.

2) Too much unintended pick-ups of junk. Numerous times having to stop and dump junk that you never intended on picking up.

This is an issue that absolutely needs be fixed.

The primary flaw is that left-click has two simultaneous functions (attack and pick-up) that often overlap and intercede upon themselves. A toggle like /nopickup is sorely needed.

Thoughts from fellow players on this?Thanks for the constructive discussion!

We agree that it can be annoying when you accidentally pick up loot, but rather than add additional options to the game, we’d rather look at ways to reduce the overall number of items on the ground, while increasing the overall quality of dropped loot. Going forward, we’d like to make it seem like every item has a reason to be picked up at various points in the game.

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