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Diablo 3: Änderungen bei Buffs und im Auktionshaus

Gegenstaende direkt im Auktionshaus vergleichenCommunity Manager Vaeflare bestätigt, dass in einem zukünftigen Patch mehr als nur 5 aktive Buffs sichtbar sein werden. Ebenfalls werden wir die Möglichkeit erhalten, Gegenstände direkt im Auktionshaus oder über den Chat zu vergleichen ohne hierfür extra ein Spiel starten zu müssen. Ihr könnt so direkt einsehen, wie viel Leben, Schaden und Schutz euch ein neuer Gegenstand ermöglichen wird.

Blizzard PosterVaeflare on Two glaring issues that require your ATTN (Source)

1.) Show ALL buffs on characters:

I play a monk, I always have a barb friend with me and there are shrines all over the damn place (sometimes 2 are literally right next to each other). Showing only 5 of the sometimes 7-8+ active buffs on my character is RIDICULOUS. Help us take your game more seriously by presenting all of the necessary information to us.

A few months ago, I went over a bit of our philosophy surrounding why we only allow five active buffs to be viewable at any time, but I wanted to let you know what we’re still very aware of this concern. We think that it would be great to be able to view more than five of your active buffs, and we’re looking into solutions that would ensure players are able to view buffs that are important to them, while also keeping UI clutter to a minimum. Ideally, we’d like to avoid situations where a portion of your screen is overwhelmed by buff icons (for example, just having your buffs stack across the bottom of your bar) and we’re still experimenting with different ways to present that information in a format that works well for Diablo III.

2.) Show a proper tool-tip in the AH and on message-linked items.

Very simple. We get this only when we are in a game lobby. Why? Show us the change in life, damage and protection when we click on an item from the AH or from the chat. Now, you may ask how accounts with multiple characters are handled. One little note could be added that states: „Tool-tip comparison is based on the SELECTED hero.“ SIMPLE. DONE. It compares the item only to the character you have used most recently. Not that hard, folks!

Thanks for your time!

It may not sound hard, but it isn’t an easy code change. It often takes a great deal of work in order to update and alter our complex coding, and it’s actually been a notable tech investment to try to tackle this particular request for updated item comparison tooltips (which Lylirra mentioned here as well).

The good news is that we’ve been making a lot of progress, and this feature is planned for an upcoming patch. 🙂

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  1. Danke für die News. Endlich wird der Stats vergleich direkt im AH gemacht.
    Das ständige Spiel starten und dann erst vergleichen zu können ist ziemlich nervig.

    bzgl. den Buffs habe ich nichts einzuwenden 😉

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