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Blizzard denkt über die Einführung einer Diablo 3 Ladder nach

Diablo 3 LadderCommunity Manager Lylirra hat gestern im offiziellen Forum auf einen Post zum Thema Diablo 3 Ladder geantwortet.

Lylirra verweist auf Wyatt Cheng, der sich bereits vor einigen Wochen zur Einführung einer Diablo 3 Ladder in einem Stream von ArchonTheWizzard geäußert hat. Cheng spricht von zwei wesentlichen Aspekten, die die Einführung einer Ladder mit sich bringt:

  • den Neustart der Wirtschaft und
  • den Wettbewerb um das Rennen zur Spitze der Ladder.

Eine Ladder auf saisonaler Basis könnte dann ähnlich funktionieren wie in Diablo 2, jedoch wäre mit solch einem Feature nicht vor der Diablo 3 Erweiterung zu rechnen.

Community Manager Lylirra schließt seinen Post mit Fragen an die Diablo 3 Community ab. Er möchte von den Spielern wissen, was diese für Erwartungen und Wünsche an ein Ladder-System stellen.

Was haltet ihr von der Einführung einer Diablo 3 Ladder?

Wenn es weitere Informationen zur Diablo 3 Ladder gibt, findet ihr diese natürlich hier auf der Webseite.

Blizzard PosterLylirra on Official Ladder support thread (Source)

I’m not a huge fan of threads that simply are looking for „+1“ comments (since that doesn’t really let us know why something is meaningful to you, just that you want it), so let’s turn this around.

First, in case you missed it, here’s Wyatt talking a bit about the possibility of ladders with Archon on his anniversary stream (transcript courtesy of diablo.somepage.com): http://diablo.somepage.com/news/1555-candid-chats-with-wyatt-cheng-and-travis-day#wyatt-ladders

What about ladders?

Wyatt: There are two aspect of ladder, both of which I think are interesting. One is the competitive ladder aspect, the race to the top. The other is the economy reset, this fresh sharded off economy where everyone begins clean. As you’ve probably found with all your self-found hardcore playing, it’s really fun to level up new characters. In that experience, typically my character is growing ever more powerful, but the frequency of my upgrades is getting farther and farther apart. So when I level from 1-60, I’ll find an upgrade for my character every 15-20 minutes. Particularly if you’re playing self-found, you’ve experienced that; every 15-20 minutes maybe I’ll replace a glove, or a shoulders or a belt. And that’s pretty cool. Then when you hit level 60, if you’re still self-found, you’re finding an upgrade maybe every 45 minutes or an hour. That rate of upgrade gets slower and slower with time, as your gear continues to improve, and gets better and better.

Then you use the Auction House, and you hurtle yourself forward. So you go from getting an upgrade every hour, to now if you were to continue to farm, you’d get an upgrade every 5 hours or every 10 hours, or even farther. So I think one of the benefits of a ladder is just this idea that it’s really fun to start fresh, and experience this rapid rate of upgrading, again. A ladder is a great excuse to do it. Sometimes we all want to do it and we can choose to do it, but sometimes it’s nice to do it together, as a global community. Or have a recognized badge of honor, for having done it.

So I assume the ladder is something that you would be excited about, but something that also is a little loaded?

Wyatt: We’re definitely looking into the possibility of a ladder, or something like that. I personally — this is just me speaking and there are other people on the team who would disagree with me, so I’ll say that, it’s just my opinion — I’m more excited about the reroll and clean economy aspect of ladder seasons, than I am of the race. I know the race is exciting too, and there’s pictures of people who are getting ready for the new season. They have all their caffeinated drinks on their desk, and I think that’s epic and awesome, if not always healthy. But realistically, yeah it’s something we’re cool with. It wouldn’t be viable until an expansion.

Second, now time for the details! What exactly would you want from a ladder system? For example:

  • How would you ideally like that system to work?
  • How long would you like the resets to be?
  • How many characters do you think players should be able to create for ladders? (Do you think they should take up the existing slots you have?)
  • Should there be an auction house for ladder characters?
  • Should there be any special items or perks for ladder-only characters? If so, what kind?
  • What kind of restrictions, if any, should be placed on ladder characters?
  • Do think players should be able to bring their ladder characters into „non-ladder“ once a reset is complete?
  • Is it necessary for ladders to be competitive, or is it enough for players to just see for themselves how far they can go on their own?
  • Why would ladders improve your in-game experience?

Muertdogg’s post is actually a great example of feedback that’s great for me to pass on. I love the pro/con breakdown he provided for all the different types of ladder options out there, and why each option is meaningful (or not meaningful) for him as a player. Would love to see more discussion along those lines. 🙂

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  1. Wenn die Ladder genauso realisiert wird wie in D2, dann würde mich das sogar zurück zu Diablo 3 bringen.

    Ein kompletter (!) reset der Charaktere und Items und Gold in jeder Ladder ist genau das, was das spiel braucht.

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