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Diablo 3 Charaktere auf der Konsole speichern

Diablo 3 Konsolenversion Playstation 3 Xbox 360Gestern Abend beantworten mehrere Community Manager interessante Fragen zur Playstation 3 und XBox 360 Diablo 3 Konsolenversion.

Auf der Playstation 3 können unterschiedliche Spieler die Charaktere, die der Hauptnutzer auf seinem lokalen Profil besitzt, gleichzeitig spielen. Somit haben die Spieler zugriff auf alle gespeicherten Charaktere des Benutzers, die er auf seinem System hat. Eigene Charaktere können mithilfe eines USB-Sticks oder der PlayStation Network Cloud (PlayStationPlus benötigt) geladen werden.

Auf der XBox 360 hingegen sind alle Charaktere profilgebunden. Jeder Gast benötigt ein eigenes Profil oder er lädt seinen Charakter von einem USB-Stick bzw. mithilfe der Cloud (Xbox LIVE Gold/Silver) auf sein dort neu eingerichtetes Profil.

Durch die USB-Speicherung ist es sogar möglich, einen Hardcore-Charakter nach dessen Tod einfach wiederherzustellen. Dabei werden jedoch alle Charaktere auf den Speicherpunkt des USB-Savegames zurückgesetzt.

Öffnet ein Spieler in einem lokalen Spiel sein Inventar, dann pausiert das gesamte Spiel. Um diese unnötigen Pausenzeiten zu verringern, baute Blizzard für die Konsolenversion ein „Quick-Loot-System“ ein. Um aufgehobene Gegenstände anzulegen, muss ein Spieler der Konsolenversion nicht das Inventar öffnen. Zuletzt aufgehobene Gegenstände werden mit grünen und oder roten Dreiecken angezeigt. Daran erkennt man, ob das Item eine Verbesserung zur bisherigen Ausrüstung ist oder nicht.

Blizzard Poster Grimiku on Slightly disappointed, local coop menu system (Source)

We agree that pausing the game to manage a menu screen isn’t all that fun (especially in a local coop party), but we’re hoping to significantly reduce the amount of time console players spend in menus through the quick loot system. You’ll be able to identify if an item is an upgrade or not, equip it if you want to, and even drop recently acquired items for your group without ever stopping the action.

Blizzard Poster Grimiku on Question regarding same screen co-op (Source)

If I level all 5 characters to level 60 can my friends choose any of my heroes to play as alongside of me. I do not have anyone that will be playing with me most of the time I play so it would be nice if they could use my leveled characters so we can play endgame together.

The answer to this question depends on the console you’re playing on. You could do this on the PS3, but the Xbox 360 requires each player to use a separate profile with its own characters. There are some additional details about local coop that you might be interested in (like achievements, saving heroes, and cloud storage), so I’ll quote a post from Vaeflare to share some of those details.

How guests can play with you on same screen co-op varies between the console systems.

On the PlayStation 3, additional players will have access to any saves that any User on the system has; however, only the primary User can unlock trophies during single-system co-op.

On the Xbox 360, if additional players logs in on other profiles, they are able to load their own heroes from their own save files. They can also bring their profile and Diablo III save on a memory unit or memory stick and load it at their friend’s house, or alternatively, they can bring their save file and recover their profile from Xbox LIVE (both Silver and Gold tier accounts can do this). If the player is an Xbox LIVE Gold Tier member and they choose to use Cloud Saving from Microsoft, they can also recover both their profile and their save at their friend’s house. It’s important to note that only Gold Tier members can play online with other players over Xbox LIVE, however, Silver and Gold Tier members can play locally and recover profiles.

If additional Xbox 360 players log in on a guest profiles, they cannot load their own heroes from save files. If they log in on a guest profile, they will need to create a new hero and when they quit out of the game, their hero will not be saved.

On the Xbox 360 version, each profile that is playing together can unlock achievements.

Blizzard Poster Vaeflare on Question about same screen co-op (Source)

As an additional point of clarification, PS3 players that visit a friend’s house for some local co-op action will be able to access their own characters from either a save on a USB stick, or by accessing their characters from cloud saves (if they have PlayStation Plus).

How this works is that at their friend’s house, the visiting player would need to create a new local User on the console, then sign into their Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account with PS+ and pull down their save from cloud storage. They could alternatively bring over their save on a USB stick, but they will still need to create a new local User on the console in order to partake in local co-op with their character(s) from home.

Blizzard Poster Ксанеррис on D3 on PS3 / Battlenet account (Source)

The correct answer was already given here, but it’s always good to hear it from a blue 😉

A Battle.net account is not required to play Diablo III on a console. The Diablo III console version is a separate game, so you won’t be able to play the characters that you’ve created previously on your PC. You can use the PlayStation Network to play or chat with your friends online!

Blizzard Poster Grimiku on Bnet and console D3... (Source)

There aren’t any current plans to have Battle.net integrate with console characters. Instead, you’ll be using the native platform. So, any online services you’d want to take advantage of while playing on the PS3 or Xbox 360 (i.e. online matchmaking, friends lists, achievements, voice chat, etc) would be managed by the platform’s respective network — in this case, PlayStation Network or Xbox Live.

For characters on console (just as an FYI), players will be able to load their characters to a USB and bring them along to play on a friend’s console. You’ll also be able to access cloud saves to load up your characters.

How does this work with playing on hardcore? Can I save my character on a USB before each playsession and then reload him if I happen to die?

This can be done, but it should be noted that all of the heroes are stored together with the profile, so all of your characters on the console would be overwritten with the USB version.

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