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Diablo 3 Beta Patch #17 Patchnotes

Früher als erwartet sind die Patchnotes für den Beta Patch #17 von Blizzard-Mitarbeiter „Lylirra“ veröffentlicht worden.

Neben einigen kleineren Bugfixes wird das „BattleTag“-Feature nun getestet.

Blizzard PosterLylirra on Diablo III Beta Patch 17 – v. (Source)


  • All characters have been wiped.  Items, gold, auctions, achievements, followers, and artisans have also been wiped, and Beta Bucks have been reset to 50.
  •  Cross-game chat is available! Beta participants can now keep in touch with their Real ID and BattleTag friends, no matter which Blizzard game they’re playing.
  • Please note that some restrictions do apply for BattleTag chat:
  • You can only send BattleTag invites while logged into the Diablo III beta client
  • You can only receive BattleTag invites while logged into the Diablo III beta client

Bug Fixes

  • For a full list of documented game and service bugs, please review the Known Issues sticky located in the Beta Bug Report forum.
  • Players should no longer be desynced from the server after watching or skipping a cut-scene
  • Projectile spell effects should no longer be invisible when casting themThe Auction House should no longer lag and generate ERROR_1 when attempting to switch currencies
  • The Auction House should no longer display your amount of Beta Bucks as 0 unless you actually have 0 Beta Bucks

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