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Diablo 3 Änderungen an Archon und Zorn des Berserkers

Diablo 3 keine dauerhafte ArchonformDiablo 3 Game Designer Travis Day kündigte im offiziellen Forum an, dass ein dauerhafter Berserker oder Archon wohl in ferner Zukunft nicht mehr möglich sein wird.

Archon und Berserker sollten den Spielern für einen begrenzten Zeitraum viel Macht verleihen, um z.B. schwere Bosse oder Elitegegner zu bezwingen. Durch immer mächtigere Gegenstände ist es aber mittlerweile möglich, diese Mechaniken dauerhaft aufrecht zu halten.

Eine schnelle Änderung dieser Fertigkeiten wird es laut Travis Day allerdings nicht geben. Blizzard ist lediglich mit der aktuellen Funktionsweise unzufrieden und wird diese in einem zukünftigen Patch ändern.

Blizzard PosterTravis Day on WotB and Archon - Whack Attack (Source)

I have a love hate relationship with Wrath and Archon for that matter. This is a topic that I felt I should at least comment on since it’s come up on many occasions. There is no fundamental flaw with having a 2 minute cooldown ability that transforms your character and is really powerful, the problem is when it becomes a forgone conclusion that these AWESOME abilities are up 100% of the time and instead of being excited that they are up you are annoyed when they fall off. We have talked about what if anything we want to do with these abilities in the long term. I will say we have no short term plans to change them but we don’t like that they aren’t fulfilling their original purpose which is to provide a really awesome button that mixes up the tempo of combat for a small window of time.

Whatever you do, I hope you don’t penalize those of us that use it as intended, that is people that just use it for the occasional boost and not a permanent boost.

I want to make this point clear. Wrath is an awesome ability, when the game first launched players used it the way it was designed to be used which was as a huge, temporary, power boost to kill a hard champ or fight a boss. The problem stems from the ability to keep it up 100% of the time. Any future change that we would consider making to either this or Archon would be focused on making these not a 100% uptime abilities. So yes as was stated above Wrath isn’t the problem, Thrive on Chaos and the assist duration extending mechanic of Archon are the problems.

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