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Blizzard veröffentlicht am Montag einen Entwicklungs- und Statusbericht

Diablo 3 QuestauswahlWie Community-Manager „Bashiok“ gestern Abend noch bekannt gegeben hat, wird im Laufe des morgigen Tages ein ausführlicher Entwicklungs- und Statusbericht von Blizzard zu Diablo 3 veröffentlicht. In dem Bericht werden interessante, wissenswerte und zum Teil lustige Statistiken enthalten sein.

So ist laut Bashiok die Zahl der Spieler, die den Schwierigkeitsgrad Inferno bisher erreicht haben so verschwindend gering, dass bisher keine Anpassungen für den Inferno-Modus möglich waren.

Wir sind natürlich gespannt, was Blizzard uns am morgigen Montag präsentieren wird.

Blizzard PosterBashiok on So Has Blizzard Given Up or... (Source)

The amount of people who have even unlocked Inferno is so infinitesimally small (relatively speaking), and the number of people who are attempting content beyond what their gear/skill allows, means we don’t really have a ton of data to look at yet. Plus the item economy at the higher levels is extremely limited just because the number of people able to progress is even smaller. People tend to underestimate gear value, or want difficulty progression to be a linear curve. Not everyone enjoys the steep difficulty incline and need to take a step back on improving their characters, builds, technique, etc. But it certainly is a case of overcoming difficulty through skills and gear as there are cases of all classes continuing to clear Inferno post-nerfs.

Anyway, we’ll have an article up on the front page on Monday that gives a couple fun stats, and goes into explaining a few of the things we’re working on and maybe some rough time frames.

I think we’re about to see the busiest weekend for the game yet, with the most amount of people online and enjoying the game together. We’re looking forward to a bright future for the game for years to come. We’re in it for the long haul.

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